The experts will tell you blogs about too many topics are not a good idea. Hooey on that. My life isn’t one-dimensional, is yours? At Promotionally Speaking, you’ll find posts about business, parenting, faith, public speaking, and what keeps me motivated.

About me: I am a working woman, wife and mom. I live in Katy, Texas with my husband and two amazing young sons who keep me entertained, energized and exhausted. I serve on the PTA Board and am a member of Toastmaster’s International. I have a full plate and a full life.

About my company, Proforma MVP Marketing: At the heart of it, we sell promotional products, branded apparel, printing, and multi-media. But, it’s much more than that. Rather than have a source for each one of those marketing and business needs, we can be your partner for ALL of it. One source. Infinite resources. Something we call Partnering 2.0.

Anyone can sell you what we sell, but it’s all about who you want to do business with. We like to be real and have a little fun along the way while we create great business partnerships. We’re entrepreneurial, collaborative, and committed to excellence. We live by our core values of honesty, respect, creativity, and enthusiasm for a job well done. Let’s get together and inspire something great. Discover for yourself how Proforma MVP Marketing is your Most Valuable Partner.

Nov 2011


  1. Holly, love your blog! I briefly lived in Sweetwater and knew Brad the last couple of years I was in high school. We have two boys as well and live in the Jersey Village area. My blog (that I’m horrible about updating!) is RaisingNobles@blogspot.com. Thanks for your insight!
    Jennifer (Lipscomb) Nobles


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