Just Show Up

Woody Allen is quoted as saying  80% of success is showing up. He was referring to people who wanted to accomplish something  such as write a novel, a screenplay, etc. His argument was, that if they actually did the thing, they would more than half way towards something good happening.


80% of success is showing up.

This statement doesn’t just apply to lofty goals, yet also to those small everyday successes. Just show up.

  • If I show up to the gym, I will do SOME exercise. 
  • If I show up to that after work networking event, I’m likely to meet at least ONE person beneficial to my career.
  • If I show up to the neighborhood barbecue, I might meet a neighbor that I had no idea buys whatever it is I sell.
  • If I show up to a new Bible study group or book club, I might meet a new acquaintance or even friend. (So hard to do in adulthood.)

Just show up. You never know what positive outcome might occur. You probably won’t regret doing it, but most likely you’ll regret NOT doing it.