Embrace The Chalazae

Is there something in your life you continue to do simply because you’ve always done it that way?

Every time I crack an egg, I remove the white ropey substance attached to the yolk. Until recently, I had no idea what that suff was, but I’ve removed it all my life. And so has my mother, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother.

Four generations of women have done something without even knowing WHY they were doing it. Last week, I decided to research what that substance was. Its called chalazae (kuh-LAY-zee). It anchors the yolk in place in the center of the egg white. It is not a beginning embryo.  Chalazae does not interfere with the cooking or beating of the egg and does not need to be removed. (Although some cooks like to strain them from stirred custard.)

Side note: the more prominent the chalazae, the fresher the egg.

Have I stopped this unnecessary step of removing the chalazae? Not entirely, but I’m working on it. It’s hard to break a 35-year-old habit.

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